Friday, 22 August 2008

News x2

It's Fridaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Good morning everyone, what a beautiful day it is here, and abouut time too I say! On this lovely bright new day I'd like to introduce our new guest designer, our own little ray of sunshine, well, on loan for two weeks anyway and then we have to give her back It's......Becky! I've been admiring Becky's work for some time now, she's got a great eye for colour and design and every single card she makes is oozing in WOW factor, in fact if she was on 'The Crafty Wow Factor' Simon Cowell would be showing us his pearly whites , and that's for sure!

I just had to show you this picture of Becky, with her little boy Dylan because it makes me smile every time I visit her blog and see it. (Sorry Becky I couldn't help myself-I made it nice and small) I bet it makes you smile too right? Thank you for agreeing to be our guest designer Becky xx

Ok on to some more news, I've just finished another new collection! YAY, it's 'Halloween' one and it's very spooky so I hope you don't scare too easily........Boo! LOL. Here's a sneaky peek....

It should be on sale at Charmed Cards and Crafts within the next few days, we'll tell you when it's online.


Adele said...

Welcome Becky, your work is fab and I will look forward to seeing a more Dotties from you.

Lou the new collection is such fun-I love it. Thank you.

love Dingle.x

Arline said...

Congrats Becky! I can definitely vouch for the quality of her cards-they r always fab! She is a very talented lady! Her little boy Dylan is also sooo cute-love him to bits! Can't wait to see her creations! The Halloween collection looks fab!xx

Sammi said...

Congratulations Becky!! Yay!! Her cards are always fabulous! :)

Cant wait to see your cards for the next 2 weeks!! (and everyone elses!!)

Love the sneak peak Lou! How exciting!! :)

Becky said...

Ha Ha!! Wait til Dylan sees his photo on Dottie's World! He will be so happy! That photo was actually taken at Arline's engagement party, Dylan just loved the choccie cake!! Thanks so much for inviting me into your little world for the next two weeks, so exciting!! I love the haloween collection, looks brilliant!!
Love Becky xx

Crafty Wanderings said...

Yay! Go Becky! Great news!

Also great news about the new collection coming soon!

Oh I've left an award for Dottie's World on my blog! I know they usually go to individuals, but I love this blog and all the friends I've made through it, that I just wanted to acknowledge that through this award!

Hugs to all - Ruth xx

Sarah C said...

Congratulations Becky. Looking forward to seeing your creations on here xxx

Anonymous said...

Congrats Becky, can't wait to see your cards xxx

The halloween collection looks exciting too.

Juliet said...

Welcome on board Becky, looking forward to seeing your cards. xx
The new collection looks fab Lou, can't wait to get working with these! xx

ENJAY said...

Welcome Becky,hope you enjoy your time on Dotties World!! your work is wonderful,Im sure you'll put us all to shame lol!1
And seen the new collection, I want what Lou has,she must have 3 weetabix for breakfast,where does she get it all from.!!

Karen said...

Fab! Look forward to seeing Becky's work on Dottie's World :o)

The new collection is superb and I'll do my utmost to get it on site over the weekend. xx

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