Saturday, 2 May 2009

About Us

The History

The Charmed Digital Downloads first went on sale in March 2008, they were an instant hit and before very long we realised that there was a large fan base forming. So, two months later we decided to start a blog that would be dedicated to the Charmed Digital Downloads and the community that had formed - Dottie's World was born.Dottie's World was named after our very first Character Dottie who is still greatly loved by many, soon there was a a demand for a man in Dottie's life and rightly so! So than cam George. I think George has been an even bigger hit than Dottie,men's cards suddenly became easy!Over time The Charmed Digi Stamp range has grown in a big way and become more diverse by the month. We now appeal to a range of people from all around the world, if you're not into Dottie and George you will probably love Holly and Madison or Mikey. You might even love them all!

What We Do

Dottie's World was never intended to be a challenge blog but more of an online magazine for the Charmed Download community, offering tutorials, hints, tips, news and bags of inspiration. However the challenges have always been popular and remain a popular feature of the blog. They're set every Sunday and you have a week to get your entries in. We sometimes offer prizes and freebies but on a whole it's just for fun!

The Team

The design team is what keeps Dottie's World ticking. We have the senior team that set the challenges, write the week day posts, visit customer blogs and plan for future events. As I write we are planning our Challenge Team which will make projects to inspire you to join in with our weekly challenges. We'll update you on that very shortly.


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