Thursday, 11 September 2008

Customer Thursday

Happy Thursday ladies,

I'm feeling all emotional today, I don't know why, it must be just one of those days, but because I'm feeling that way I'm going to go all slushy and say I wish you could all be my Thursday featured customers because I love you all and I think you are all absolutely fantastic!

But you can't all be 'it' at once so I've had to choose.

This week I want to show you a card by

She's new to Dottie's World but I'm hoping we're going to see a whole lot more of her because her cards are Dottietastic!

Take a look....

I love how she's embossed the background to make it look like it's snowing.

This card made me smile aand for that I'm grateful so a big thank you goes to Hokeycokey.xxxxx


Becky said...

Congratulations Hokey Cokey, you card is brilliant!
Love Becky xx

Christine said...

i knew that fame would come your way! Congratulations Hokey Cokey on your brilliant christmas card.

hokeycokey said...

thankyou, thankyou *blushes*- i am speechless!

ENJAY said...

Great choice, pass the tissues,your working too hard Lou,your wearing yourself out!!
Welldone HokeyCokey,looking forward to seeing lots more of your creations!!

Crafty Wanderings said...

Oh Lou - what are you like? LOL!

Well done to Hokey Cokey!
Now that's a great card, but have you seen the bride and groom she's made from Fimo! Marvellous!
Ruth x

Juliet said...

Oooh Great choice Lou - I loved this card when I first saw it! Congratulations Hokey Cokey xx

darcy48 said...

Well done Hokey Cokey your card is brilliant! x

Trace Dee said...

Hokey cokeys work is stunning wait till she shows you her jewellry.

Well done teresa iyou can sit with me on the bus now.

Sarah C said...

Lou, I hope you feel a bit better today (((HUGS)))

Congratulations Hokey Cokey. I love your card xxx

Adele said...

Congrat Hokey Cokey- I love your card and look forward to loads more wonderful Dottie creations.

love Dingle.xx

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