Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Happy Retirement Dad

Good morning folks, Louise here.

My Dad reached the age of 65 yesterday so it called not only for a birthday card but a retirement card too, I was pushed for time so ended up doing a two in one card. In fact I was so pushed for time I did most of the work on the computer, that's the beauty of the downloads, you can re size them and put them on fancy backgrounds before printing out, and if you use the ready coloured option it's quicker still.I started of with computer George representing my 'old' dad then added all the Georges that fit well with his future for my 'new' Dad. It's simple and it was very quick to make but it actually looked really good IRL and he loved it!

Have you spotted the mistake? Yep, I forgot to delete the white space between Georges legs.

If you have a drawing programme on your PC why not have a go at this. If you didn't buy the transparent images it doesn't matter (I don't have any either!LOL) I just use the magic wand tool (all programmes should have one) to highlight the white are, then press delete! simple! You just need to get used to working with layers but then you'll find it's a breeze. The package I use is called Photostudio, most of you will have a photo editing programme that came with your digital camera - try that!

Have a lovely day

Louise xx


Michele said...

Gorgeous card Louise. I bet your dad will love it. Thanks for the idea about printing onto coloured paper, I've always printed the images out and then cut round them, doh. Michele x

Becky said...

Brilliant card Louise, looks like he's got a lot of work to do now he's retired though lol!!
Love Becky xx

Sammi said...

It's fabulous Lou!! you're so clever!!!!

Karen said...

What a good idea for a retirement card!! Absolutely fab!!


Lea said...

Fantastic retirement card Lou, I bet your Dad will love it.xxx

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