Saturday, 7 March 2009

New Dottie's World Feature

Hi Folks, Louise here,
Who used to watch Take Hart when they were little? I was a huge fan and I think it played a big part in inspiring me to create things - I never stopped! I must have driven my mum mad. Sadly Tony Hart passed away recently but I'm sure he's resting happily in the knowledge that he inspired many young people to explore art and allow it to flourish for many many years. Did any of you ever send a picture in to appear on TV in his famous Take Hart gallery? I did but I was never lucky enough to get anything shown.
This brings me on to the idea I have for Dottie's World. I would like to encourage children to get arty, to enjoy creating and to display their creations with pride, so here on Dottie's World we are going to have a day every month to showcase your children's creations (using any of the Charmed downloads) I won't decide on a date just yet, I'll wait until I get enough photo's for our first Gallery day and email everyone when it's due to go live - after all you wouldn't want your child to miss it!

So if your child has been inspired by any of the Charmed download images and created something you'd like us to show please just email me the image/s along with your child's first name and age and we'll be proud to display their creations.
Please note: It must be the parent/guardian/other adult that I correspond with (not the child).


Kim said...

What a brilliant idea Lou. I know one young lady who will love to be involved in this.
Kim x

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Brilliant idea! It's so important to encourage younger people....

tracy said...

what a fantastic idea my daughter is excited all ready she entered her first challenge last week and it was a real confidence boost for her crafting.
Tracy x

Sarah C said...

I love this idea Lou. I used to watch Tony and Morph too. Remember when he used to put black crayon over a rainbow of colour and etch stunning pictures? Mine were never that good! LOL xoxo

Jac said...

What a lovely idea, its a great way to encourage the younger generation to be involved.

Anonymous said...

Hi,my pc won't let me open your email as I don't use outlook express,can you please contact me?
Thanks,greetings from Riane

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