Saturday, 4 July 2009

Spot the Difference

I decided to have a another little play around with 'Dreamer' from Bundle one, this time I flipped her Horizontally in Photoshop Elements so that she was laying in the Opposite direction.
You can do this in any photo imaging software programme doesn't have to just be Elements, you can even do this in Word also just right click on your image and then rotate it 180 degrees Sorry peeps you don't rotate it 180 degrees you actually do flip it in word too and Voila she's flipped round..:).
I hope you like what I did with her I think she looks rather nice whichever way she sleeps:).. but then she is my favourite :).
Thanks for taking a look more detail about both of these are on my blog if anyone fancies taking a look.
Sheila xx
EDITED after posting.. I have got a short step by step picture tutorial if anyone is interested in how to flip her word... I don't mind posting that on my next day on the blog.. just let me know :)


Nicola said...

Hi Sheila,

These images were made especially for you I am sure because, no matter which way you have Dreamer facing she looks fantastic and your creativity with the pixie images knows no bounds. Another exceptional stunning card.
Nicola -x-

Kim x said...

Great idea Sheila, thanks for this tip I never thought of doing that. Your images are always stunning.
Kim x

Karen said...

Both cards are absolutely stunning Sheila. Just fantastic! xx

Sarah C said...

These are both 'wow, amazing, fantastic' xx

coldwaters2 said...

Thanks for this tip Sheila and my word you have done a brilliant job with this image isn't she so beautiful I have this pack but haven't done this one yet.

Lorraine x

Louly said...

Awwww!!!! Gorgeous, totally and utterly gorgeous!
Great idea too!:0)

Gunn (Merete) said...

These are great. I just love your cards. This sweetie you done such amazing work with, and your coloring is the best.
Thanks for the tip.

Jac said...

Wow, I am awestruck, your cards are divine and I love the abilty of being able to arrange these images to suit your every need. xx


Two stunning cards Sheila -the colours are beautiful, and Dreamer is gorgeous. Thank you for the info. on flipping the images - I didn't realise that was possible with the downloads so I'm off to have a go right now!
Love, Sylvia xxx

Vanessa said...

They're both so pretty and detailed. Great idea. :)


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