Sunday, 31 October 2010

Last minutes treatbags

I had to make a couple of treat bags in a hurry, so I deceided to do it digitally and print out. I did it in photoshop elements and used these images from the Halloween bundle, the precolored ones,  and the other small elements are things that you can find in your PE. Printed them out on ticker cardstock and added it to my transparent bags.
Fast, easy, fun and they turned out nicely.


Debra said...

Wonderful JOB! TFS

Fiona said...

excellent rush job!! I had to make a few extra too...mine were just boring old food bags!!


pinky said...

They are lovely, full of fun.

Karen@CCC said...

I love your little treat bags Gunn, they are simply fab!! xxx

Louly said...

haha Gunn! I love these! They really made me smile, I like the phrases you've used. You're ace!

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