Sunday, 3 October 2010

Once upon a time...

there was a little girl with her birhtday ahead. She was looking forward to that, and she dreamed of living in a castle with bright colors and floral background from Prima`s Annalee serie.
She could really imagine this. She even saw this little twinkling star, that said "just for you".
This dream was so real to her, that she had to put some happy words to it, but they was in a foreing language, so didn`t quite understand them.... but she knew they had to be there.

Her dream went on, and now she was this princess, all dressed up in a beautiful pink dress. Ohh, she loves pink, that`s her favorite color. She was like a stunning picture almost in a frame. And she was sorrounded with adorable papers, pearls, flowers and a beautiful pink velvet rose. She didn`t know where the rose came from, but she loved it anyway.
There was more words, but these she understood even when they was in an other language- it said: Happy Birthday
She was so happy, so she had to take the Happy dance. You can see her feet moving (can`t you?)

Then she discoverd that someone gave her money for a birhtday gift. And what a clever place to hide the money.
In her dream she was once again looking at her castle and beautiful souroundings. And with her money gift she wanted to have a real party and invite some of her school frinds.
But that`s another story.

I love this collection and had to make this birthday card for my niece, she has her birthday later this month.
So enjoy and I wish you all a great sunday and week to come.

Hugs Gunn**


Louly said...

Oh Gunn! I love Fairytales and that was the best! That is such a beautiful card! I must go and check out those lovely bits and bobs you've been playing with. Thank you for the inspiration darlin!

Jac said...

Wow Gunn, that is a stunning card, so much detail I'm sure your neice is going to love it, which little girly girl wouldnt or even big girly girl! xx

Cazzy said...

You neice will adore this card.

Cazzy x

Karen@CCC said...

Wowsa again. A truly beautiful and magical card - love the story too!! :-) Thank you sweetheart xxx

Anjie said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow
Need I say more!

pinky said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

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