Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Golfing George Hybrid

Yet another hybrid example for you, this time using the Golfing George graphic from the Sporty George bundle.

I always use layering when creating digi hybrids, it brings the card to life. On this card for example I have layered trees, cat, golf bag and bird. I just crop the pieces I want repeated from the main picture and print them out all together. This saves printing out the entire card twice (and wasting ink) and also allows me to triple layer if I so wish. Glossy accents have been used on the sun, the cat and cow's noses and eyes, any metal bits, and in swirly motions on the trees. I left the second layer on the sun unstuck on the very tips of the rays to emphersize the 3-Dimensional effect.

This is a good sentiment if you are making cards to sell as it encompasses a range of occasions.



Jules said...

That is brilliant, thank you for the inspiration. I must learn how to do it :o)

Jules x

samgirl said...

That looks excellent!!! :)

Jac said...

Wow this is super.

Sarah C said...

What lovely cards Karen xx

Louly said...

Oooh Karen, I love it! Where do you get all the digi bits and bobs from?

ENJAY said...

Great card Karen you are such a genius with digi cards!!

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