Friday, 9 May 2008

Tip- If you're in a hurry.....

Good morning all,

It's Louise with a quickie post - I should be on my way to work really.

If you need to make a card and you're in a bit of a rush (like me) or if for some reason you need to stay by the computer have a go at colouring Dottie before you print her! It's really easy if you use your magic wand and your fill tool on a painting programme. I use Photo Studio, it's a nice simple package that came with my scanner. You can do this with either the white or transparent backgrounds so don't panic if you bought white. There's no point in me telling you the ins and outs of it all because different programmes might do it differently. Just have a play, experiment, that's what I did.

This is Cleaning Dottie from the Dottie at work collection. For the download, click the blinkie in the sidebar.

Have a great day,

Louise xx


Chriss Rollins said...

please send 'cleaning dottie' over to my house..since I started my blog and doing my crafting again I have zero time for cleaning.
good job i dont have to answer to anyone one.
chriss x

Adele said...

Ooo Lou, I can't wait til Sunday,,,have my In Laws down then too!!!

(huffs off stamping feet..perhaps some lunch will cheer me up!)

love Dingle.x

Marlou said...

well she is adorable!!!! and the cap is brilliant too Lou that you made!!!! have a great weekend :) x

craftymama said...

Great card, I could do with her at my house too! Am going to have a play at this over the w/e as DD is out of the way!

~natasha~ said...

Beautiful, really love the bubbles and the scolloped edges. Love the idea of collouring her before printing... ummm may have a go at that :) Thanks for all the ideas

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