Friday, 9 May 2008

The Ultimate Summer Fashion Accessory!!

This is made using the same method as the t-shirts and again using the Dottie at Home Download. I've made this for my daughter to wear to school, as she hates the navy blue school cap!!


Juliet said...

Love the cap and t-shirts. The blog is looking fantastic. Must get round to some more D&G.

craftymama said...

fantastic cap. Is it ok for us to do this sort of thing too?

Louly said...

Oh my word! Wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!That looks super cool Nicola, the logo works really well doesn't it! All your daughter needs now is the web address on the back of her T Shirt and we're sorted! LOL. I think these caps and t-shirts could really catch on you know.

Jac, in answer to your question, YES YES and YES again! Let your crativity flow girl!

Chriss Rollins said...

Wicked.. every little girl will want one of those hats and the logo is just brill.
thanx for sharing Nicola.
chriss x
Put Dottie on a cloth bag to match sewing the logo on seperate how cool would that be.
White plain bedding with Dotties on it yes who wouldnt want a dottie boarder to match on a freshley painted wall. x

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