Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Welcome to Dotties World!

Wow this is all so exciting! A brand new blog just for Dottie and George and any of thier new friends that might come along.

It's a place for you to find lot's of inspiration, help, tips and techniques to help you get the very most out of your Charmed Cards and Crafts downloads.

Every Sunday we'll be having a Dottie/George challenge. Thursdays will be 'Customer Card of the Week' day and, for now, until I get better organised the other days will all be a surprise! Well, we all love surprises don't we?

Oops how rude of me, let me introduce you to the team,

There's me, Louise, Nicola and Karen

We're here to help, inspire and challenge you.

Thank you for visiting.

Here's one of my old time faves.
Bottoms up! (cheers)


Jules said...

Just popping by to say hello :o) I'm looking forward to see what goes on here and hopefully joining in with the challenges.


ENJAY said...

Hello Jules, welcome to Dotties World!! Nicola.xx

Martine said...

hello all, great idea to have dotties own blog, hopefully I'll be able to join in on some of the challenges, and i am looking forward to seeing everyones makes with dottie.

ENJAY said...

Hello Martine, hope to see your new creations too.

Marlou said...

congratulations on dottie's new blog, how exciting!! :) x

Sarah C said...

Congratulations on the new blog. It's looking great. The start of another adventure for you, Dottie, George and whoever else comes along in the future. xxx

craftymama said...

Fantastic idea for dottie to have her own blog, I might have to succumb and get my own aswell! but I will certainly be a regular visitor here wheter I get a blog or not! Good luck with it.

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