Wednesday, 7 May 2008

We want to here from you.

Good afternoon,
Just a quickie to say that each month we will be giving away an exclusive Dottie or George to a deserving, blogging, Dottie/George customer that we see on our travels around blog land. So if you've bought any of the Dottie or George collections and have displayed your creations on your blog, please leave a comment to this thread so that we can check out your wonderful works of art.

We are also on the look out for Dottie/George creations to feature each week on our Thursday, customer card features. This is just for fun - no prizes.
So get leaving your comments with links to your blogs we can't wait to start visiting.

Coming up later today is one of Nicola's fabulous creations so keep your eyes peeled.


karen said...

great to see there is a dottie george blog, i have some on my blog and will be featuring more soon

Crafty Wanderings said...

Hi - it's great to see Dottie and George with their very own blog.

Dottie and George are among my favourite downloads at the moment, so I'm looking forward to meeting many more! Of course I also have some on my blog!

Unfortunately I'm going to miss the first couple of challenges cos I'm going away for a few days - but I'll catch up with all the news when I'm back!
Best wishes on the new venture!
Ruth x

Julia said...

Wow well done to Dottie and george, their own blog already! I have a couple on my blog, funnily enough the same image but its my favourite.

Shirley said...

Nice to see a blog dedicated to Dottie & George.

I am looking forward to the challenges, I've seamed to lost my interest in crafting lately, But your challenges may just help get me back into it. I have many of the collections already, still need to get the at work ones.

There are a few Dotties and I belive at least one George on my blog already, and hopefully soon there will be even more.

Good luck with the blog, although I am sure you wont need it.

Shirley xx

Chriss Rollins said...

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Louise, Dottie and George.
I bet you are so excited about this adventure the Famous 2 are going to be going on... the Posh n Becks of the crafting world. lol.
I open my new Blog soon and would like to put links to dotties world displaying her banner...on both of my blogs how do I go about that?
i adore dotties blog bet she does too.
you know market her right and she can be a big star in all merchandise world wide.
Good Luck you deserve it.
chriss x

Sarah C said...

I've got a couple of cards on my blog and will be adding 2 more today. Looking forward to seeing what others do with the downloads :D xxx

#Donna# said...

Looking forward to the challenges, i have my first ever George on my blog and i am currently working on some more. Good luck with the blog.x

Sammee said...

Love the new blog. Looking forward to the challenges. I have a couple of cards on my blog, should have some more soon, as I bought the Dottie & George at work collections tonight.
Sam x

Denise said...

Great to see a Dottie and George blog, I have a couple on my blog and will no doubt be adding more soon x

samgirl said...

Great blog!!! I'm looking forward to purchasing more Dottie downloads soon .. and some George ones too.. at the moment I am enjoying making some cards with Dottie on them and will post more soon!! I am also looking forward to making a card for your challenge - tomorrow!

Ultramum said...

Hi there. Just bought some downloads last night - here are the coloured results. I am now going to make some cards from these :-)

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