Monday, 2 June 2008

Blogging Customer of the Month

Well folks, the time you have all been waiting for is almost upon us. I've spent the month since Dottie's World began with my beady eye on you and your Blogs. Is that unsettling or what? LOL

The idea behind 'Blogging Customer of the Month' is that I get to treat one of you, nothing complicated, that's it! It could be for any reason at all, it could be that you've made something that I totally love, it could be that you did something that made me laugh, it could be that you've done something really special for someone else or it could just be that I want to thank you for being you.

So you see, it could be absolutely ANY Blogging Charmed Download Customer - EVERY month.

"What will I get if it's me?" I hear you all call.

Well the winner will get an exclusive Charmed Download image that has not yet been released (but will be eventually) so if anybody says; "where did you get that? I want one! " You'll be able to say; "Na na na na na! I'm the only person in the world to have this image until........" well, in this case, until the Halloween collection is released because the image is............


What do you think? Devilish?

Well, because I'm feeling quite devilish myself, I've decided not to tell the winner before announcing it on here so he/she won't know until they come on here and see their name! .....

At 7pm today!!!!!!

So be sure to drop by later on, I want to see how many I can get online at once!

See you later he he he




Jo said...

Oh she is so cute. Louly you are one very talented lady

#Donna# said...

I think Dotties Devilish nature is rubbing off on you Louly he he. I hope the site doesn't crash with the stampede. x

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