Tuesday, 17 June 2008

My Challenge to Myself!

Hi everyone, Juliet here.
I don't know about you, but I have my favourite Dottie and George images which I use again and again, sooooooo I decided to set myself a personal challenge of using all the images I haven't up to now - anyone want to join me?

So, this is my first card using 'Skipping Dottie' and I am really pleased with the result, using Basic Grey Cupcake papers and Imaginisce flowers - all available at http://charmedcardsandcrafts.co.uk.

Dottie's clothes are paper pieced on this card and I kept the doodling to a minimum for a change!

The next image I am working on is 'DIY Dottie', so watch this space!

If anyone wants to take up the challenge just leave a comment with a link to your blog so we can visit - we love to see how imaginitive you all are with these collections.
Speaking of which, I have to agree with Louise and Nicola - the Sunday Challenge cards are spectacular this week ......keep them coming.
Juliet xx


Louly said...

Cor Juliet! What a great idea! I have loads I haven't used yet so I'll definately make time to have a go at this. I really love your card, I'm a big fan of paper piecing and it's worked so well on your card.xxx

ENJAY said...

brilliant card! great idea!!!xx

Becky said...

Brilliant card and idea Juliet, there are so many I need to use! I will have a go with an un-used Dottie and come back when it's done!
Love becky xx

Crafty Wanderings said...

What a lovely card! Dottie looks as if she's enjoying the summer weather on this one. She must be on holiday cos it's tipping down here! LOL!

I'm busily doing the same kind of thing with my rubber stamps at the mo - but who can resist playing with Dottie and George! Will definitely be trying this at the weekend!
Ruth x

Karen said...

I love your cards Juliet and this one is simply super!
Great idea, we sometimes stick to certain, familiar things and forget to try the rest, then when we do try them we realise just how fab they are :o)

Jac said...

Another fabby card Juliet, lovely. Will definately play along with this challenge might persuade DD to take part too as she is enjoying the challenges aswell. Look forward to seeing everyones cards it is great inspiration.

Lea said...

I'll have a go at this too, I love what you've done Juliet :)

I'll be back when I've come up with something.

Juliet said...

I'm really glad that so many of you are joining me in my challenge - I'm really enjoying it and I will show more real soon. Now, which image do I use next?

Adele said...

Juliet-I would love to join but it will have to be a my own, snail like pace!!LOL

Thank you for the inspiration.

Love Dingle.x

Sarah C said...

I love this card Juliet and lvoe your idea too :D xxx

I printed out the dart playing George to put on a card this week, but when I was sticking him down mum's dog jumped up and my hand slipped. Result ~ George's head came off - oops!!! Trying to get my printer to work properly, so I can try again!!!

Louly said...

Sarah you could invent a new George for Halloween -Headless George! LOL.
My attempt at your challenge is on my blog - Yeee Haaaaa!

Jac said...

Right my first card in this challenge is over on my blog and Rias will follow as soon as she gets it finished.

Crafty Wanderings said...

Hey Juliet:
I've joined in and made a card using Diver George. Hope you like it! LOL!
Ruth x

Lea said...

Finally... I've posted 3 cards that I've not used before - yay!

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