Tuesday, 24 June 2008

On With the Challenge - DIY Dottie!

Ok, I admit it! I wasn't sure what to do with DIY Dottie and I wasn't sure I would enjoy playing with her, but you know what........I REALLY DID!!! Just goes to prove the point that ALL the images are so versatile. Dottie's clothes are paper pieced and the colouring was done with Prismacolours. I absolutely adore the new Prima embossed flowers - have a look in the Charmed shop for these!
I have already decided my next challenge is to use Chick Dottie from the 'Dress Up Dottie' collection. I think those Prima's may well appear again too.
I am so pleased so many of you are taking up this challenge too and it has been wonderful to see all your cards so far.......please keep them coming and get those images used up so we can pester Louise for more!!!
Have a great evening and TFL,
Juliet xxx


Louly said...

MORE!!!You want.......MORE!!!!!I feel an Oliver moment coming on.
I really love your card Juliet, you've brought it all together brilliantly and the colours and flowers work brilliantly. I think I may have to pop over to Charmed and pop some of thos in my basket! The trouble is, you can't feel how heavy your basket is getting when you don't have to carry it. I think Charmed should introduce the trolley.

Karen said...

Oh wow Juliet, I love your card. Those bright colours go so well with Dottie.
Lou, the baskets at Charmed are MASSIVE and on wheels, haven't you noticed? ROFL

Jac said...

Another fantastic card Juliet really love what you've done, I wasnt sure how to use this one either but you have certainly opened the way with your card. Just waiting for Ria to complete hers then we'll choose our next image.

Jac said...

Ria has finished her card at last.

Sammi said...

oooh.... that's lovely! How fun! :)

GREAT card :)

Anonymous said...

Awww Juliet what an adorable card! I love the colours and everything about it!

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