Saturday, 12 July 2008

Free Image!!!!!!

Happy Saturday everyone! Louise here,

It may be rainy outside but I'm full of the joys of summer today because the summer holidays are nearly upon us and for me that means 6 weeks off work!

To celebrate my joyful mood I've decided to have a give-away, before you read on please note that the terms and conditions still apply, so as with all our other images it may not be altered or swapped. It's for personal use only and cards with it on may be sold on a small scale only (not mass produced).

Boring stuff over, please meet Graduation Dottie!

Just click on the image to get a larger view and save it to your computer.
To view or purchase any of the other collections just click here.


Juliet said...

I'll celebrate with you - we finish on Friday, yeah!!! She's fab Lou and safely saved away.

Jackie said...

Thank you for that - I have only recently joined the Dottie fan club with two collections so have got a bit of catching up to do.Thanks again

ENJAY said...

Thanks Lou, it looks like you lol!! Oh no you would have a whip in your hand, only joking thats really great thankyou.xx

Jackie said...

This is really great Have filed it away on my computer as too late for this years graduation of daughters partner (masters time) as it was last wednesday but have another daughter who graduates in couple of years and also friends of hers who graduate next year.

Sammi said...

Thanks Lou! She is adorable!! :) I've saved her and now I just need someone to graduate... but I think I'll make a card anyway!! :)

Sue said...

Thank you Lou, i love this image very much,very kind of you:-)


Donna said...

Wow how kind, thanks Lou. Donna x

Cazzy said...

Thank you Louise, great free image!

Denise said...

So cute, thank you, you're very generous!

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