Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Rock 'Til You Drop!!!!

Hello again, Louise here.

I'm breaking the one post a day rule to bring you some exciting news. Coming to a computer screen near you verrrrry soon is the brand new collection and I think you are going to love this one.
It's called Rock 'Til you Drop and it features both Dottie and George Dressed in costumes from a range of rock eras. So you'll be seeing Biker George, Vegas George, Punk George, Rocker/Gothic Dottie and much much more. The coloured images were so popular with the Christmas collection that I've popped those in there for you too.
Here's a little taster of what's to come. Hippy Dottie.

I'm really happy with this image, I think she's really dreamy looking.

Edited to say......The collection has gone live! Pop on over for a looksee.

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Crafty Wanderings said...

Loving Hippy Dottie - so excited about seeing the rest! Passing the info around my friends now!!!
Ruth x

Juliet said...

Cool man! (I mean Lou) Love this image and can't wait to get playing with all the new images.
Juliet xx

Jac said...

ooooo I'm bouincing up and down on my chair with excitement, 2 great bits of news in 1 day and it had been a pretty down day too! Lou You Rock!

ENJAY said...

I think Hippy Dottie looks like Josh Stone and as my favorite haunted its the Ace Cafe in London with all the bikers, guess which is my favourite!! And Elvis is my Hero,my ideal man! so is there a simialarity in the set maybe!! I know!!

valerie said...

fab will definaetly have to get them when they come out

Tassie said...

Definitely going to have to get this collection. It sounds fab!

Jules said...

Oooh, these are FAB

Sammi said...

Ooh... how exciting - she is dreamy looking!! Well done Lou!! :)

Sarah C said...

I have this set now and it's amazing!!

Dottie, I have smething for you on my blog xxx

Karen said...

Absolutely gorgeous Lou!! Think I need to set up a new gallery on Charmed ;o)

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