Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Rockin' an' a Reelin', Hoppin' an' a Boppin'

Well I don't know about you, but I feel like dancing!!! Sorry to shout, but .......................................

check out or click the Dottie Downloads blinkie on the right to see all the designs. Oh, I almost forgot, Lou has included coloured images too - perfect for that quickie card.

Couldn't resist this 60's Rock 'n' Roll Dottie and George - just the excuse I needed to get those bright colours working......and they have their very own glitter ball, how cool do they look.

Back to my 70's heyday with this Punk George - I knew those safety pins would come in handy.
I just love this image, not that I was ever a punk you understand, lol.

I can also count these in my challenge to use all the images I haven't yet..........trouble is, there's loads more to do now! Hmmmmm.

We're going to have fun with this collection girlies - hope you enjoy them as much as I am.
Happy crafting,
Love Juliet xxx


Louly said...

Juliet they are absolutely fab! I love the glitter ball and the safety pins on Rocker George, great touches.I'm glad you like them, everyone seems really hot for this collection don't they.

ENJAY said...

OMG please tell me what breakfast you eat Juliet!! I need your brainfood!!
How quick are you, they are fabulous,love the collection and love your cards! Welldone Lou and juliet!!

Crafty Wanderings said...

They are FANTASTIC! As are the downloads!!! I think you need to rename your challenge "The Never-Ending Challenge" cos the more there are the more we NEED... we'll probably never get through them all! LOL! But they are just so much fun. Do you have any plans to offer assistance to addicts? LOL!

Thanks again to all the team - especially Louise!
Ruth xxxx

Jules said...

Absolutely gorgeous work Juliet :-)

Sammi said...

Oh wow!! Gorgeous cards! Juliet they are FANTASTIC!

Lou they are AWESOME!! I love them..I want them! :)

Thanks ladies :)


Jac said...

Wow Juliet I love what you have done with the new downloads, they are totally awesome, if only I didnt have to go to work this morning!

Karen said...

Wowey! They are just superb! FAB!

valerie said...

at work now but will be buying these tonight when I get home they are just fab


Anonymous said...

Juliet you're amazing, truly you are! I love the cards and I love the new collection too, it's fabulous!!!!

As Ruth said, your challenge will be never ending with all these fantastic new additions to play with :o)

Juliet said...

Just had to pop back to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments xxx. Really though, the collection is just delightful and so easy to work with - I know you will all love them.
Juliet xx

Sarah C said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. These are .................. wow!!!!!!!!!

Nicky said...

Oh, no I have done it again and spent money, I just love these and had to add them to my collection, I feel I have entered my second childhood,(thats if I left my first lol) as soon as I see I want, thanks for the fabolous designs and I love the coloured images for quick cards

Sue said...

Oh these are so gorgeous, i really love what you have done with them,especially lovin the glitter ball:-)

I made a card with rocker george this afternoon too if ya want to take a peep,i just had to buy that set:-)


Chriss Rollins said...

they are fantastic well done again Louise you clever lady.
It brings back memories of when i went to a couple of punk night parties black bin liner dresses and fishnet stockings and a trick safety pin through my nose and as many safety pins holding my dress together a huge lock and chain... along with green spray hair colour... we were stopped by the police that night... a random check and well they couldnt believe what they were seeing lol
thanks for the trip down memory lane. lol
chriss x

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