Friday, 1 August 2008

Blogging Customers of the Month

Hi all, I can't believe we're onto the third BCOTM!

As I've said before, there are no set rules for who I pick, though I usually have one reason or another.

This month I was torn between two people so I thought, what the heck let's give it to them both! The people I have picked this month have joined in most of our challenges, they've been incredibly supportive, they've visited other challengers blogs to leave comments, and they've made me smile every single day.

A clue? They both live on oppposite sides off the world, and they are both absolute sweethearts. Tough clue ay? it could every single one of you.

While you are thinking let me show you what they win.

This is Pumkin Dottie, she'll be released in a few weeks time as part of the Halloween collection, but for now I'm giving it free, to my two special customers who are.............................................

Sammi and Lea!

Congratulations girls. I think I have both of your Email addies but just incase, it might be a good idea to email me.


Lea said...

Oh WOW!!!! Awww thank you so much Lou, I'm quite overcome here lol! I love the pumpkin Dottie she's so cute! Well done Sammi as well!!!

Thank you, you've made my week xxx

Sammi said...

Yes - I do agree with Lea "WOW!"
thanks again Lou! :) I am still grinning! :)

WELL DONE LEA!!! :) :)

I have already made a little card with Pumpkin Dottie - she's on my blog!!

ENJAY said...

Welldone you two!! Fabulous choice!!Nicola.xx

Eve's Crafts said...

Well done ladies, congratulations xx

Juliet said...

Congratulations Sammi and Lea - I love looking at your blogs. Enjoy the new image. xxx

Sarah C said...

Congratulations to you both xxx

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