Friday, 1 August 2008

Sunday Challenge #13

Its my turn to set the challenge this week,excuse me if Im late looking at your cards, but Im off to West Looe on Monday,so hope you have fun while I'm away!!
The challenge is
Aperture....Ribbon & Doodles....
Ofcourse it involves using a download from Charmed Cards,then it can be one or more Apertures,one or more ribbons and hand drawn Doodles.
There are some fine examples this week, all using the NEW Love & Marriage download,Louise has shown again, she is an absolute inspiration with her new set of images!!!
I used a Keepsake board to make the card, cutting out the gate and back aperture. Doodling the swirls on the front of the gate.
The card is held with a plaque
Which can be used on a bottle of wine.

Inside the card I used the image from Love & Marriage and attached using a cropadile & eyelets through which I used the ribbon.
The flowers are peeloffs


Well what could we expect other that perfection from Louise!

This is a real labour of love,She used the wedding car images, which are in reverse of each other,designed to do exactly what Louise has done

One on the front
One on the back!! Adding the ribbon with eyelets and in the corners lovely heart & swirl doodles
Has made two wonderful cards!! Using images from Love & Marriage

On Karens first amazing card she used a:-Oval Aperture; Spotted organza ribbon, Doodled (scribbled) border around main card and dots around the oval.
Dottie & George in Love image (Love & Marriage collection) This umberella image is wonderful, even the puddle has their reflection and Karen used :-Square aperture - Basic Grey Urban Couture Velvet Rick Rack - Doodled heart border
Puddle Love Dottie & George image (Love & Marriage collection)
I hope you enjoy trying the challenge, dont forget to leave a link for your card so we can have alook. Goodluck and have a great week.


Sammi said...

Oh wow!!! these cards are super fantastic...
Your card is perfect Nicola - the gate opening up to Dottie and George on the swing is so elegant! It's a work of art!!
Louise - those images look like they were made for that card. lol! It is just Gorgeous!!
Karen - your cards are so beautiful!! they are Awesome!!
Ok I will stop drooling and go think about an aperture!
Thanks Nicola - have a great trip!

Sammi said...

My attempt is up now!!

Right here!

Karen said...

Nicola that must have taken you ages! It's a work of art!! You always come up with something difference xx
I was going to make a swing card but now glad I didn't LOL What an amazing card Lou!! Wow! You must make that into a class for Charmed :o)
You rock girlies! xx

Lea said...

Gosh what a challenge this week! I'll definitely have to think about this one lol!

Your cards are fantastic girls, all of them.

Right, I'm off to see what Sammi has come up with and then think about what I'm going to do.

ENJAY said...

Thanks Karen your cards are wonderful all the little bits you add are so clever,i love the shiny puddle and the the colour you have used on the Love image are soo pretty!! and there anything I could say!! I have looked at this card blown up and it is pure genius,it is superb!!As I said a real labour of love!! Welldone!!xxx

Crafty Wanderings said...

Wow! Your cards are simply stunning! I'm sitting here with my eyes popping out of my head in amazement!

Just been to look at Sammi's and that's gorgeous too!

I need to think about this one a bit longer!
See you soon!
Ruth x

Louly said...

Oh my word girls! what can Isay? I second what everyone else has said, Nicola, you never fail to amaze me with the creations you come you with, it must have taken hours! Karen both your cards are stuns, my favourite is the second one, the doodling is gorgeous!
Have a fabulous holiday Nicola, and thank you for setting another great chalenge xxx

Eve's Crafts said...

Fantasic cards ladies, Been rather hectic this weekend so will have to try and have a go of this one later in the week. Feel i've not stopped making things this week, not that thats a bad thing. Good Work Again ladies, Keep it up! xx

Lavender Rose said...

What amazing cards!!!! This is the first time I have joined in with the challenge. I really enjoyed it. Here is my card

Juliet said...

Hi girls, well I go away for a week and so much to catch up on. The new images are just divine Lou!!! I absolutely love all your DT cards - I think I will enter the challenge this week.
Juliet xxx

Jac said...

Wow! the DT cards are totally awesome, you ladies are just so creative I love what you have done again this week. I'm off to have a play now!

Lea said...

My attempt at this challenge is now on my blog :o)

Becky said...

Fantastic cards! I love the challenge, the aperature was a bit challenging but I managed it!
My Card
Love Becky xx

Juliet said...

As I didn't do a DT card for this challenge because I was on holiday, I have done a quick card for the challenge and it's on my blog.

Crafty Wanderings said...

My card for this challenge is over on my blog! It was quite difcult, but it was fun!
Hope you like it!
Ruth x

Sarah C said...

These cards are amazing. Well done ladies xxx

Jac said...

Yay! Done it, great challenge once again. Well done to everyone else lots of fabulous work going on again ladies.

Adele said...

Oh how I have LOVED this one!!LOL Great inspiration thank you SO MUCH.

love Dingle.x

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