Thursday, 18 September 2008

Customer Thursday

Good morning girls. Can you feel that chill in the air? That cold that nips at your nose and tells you that even colder days are ahead. Well let me warm you up with a few creations from the person I have chosen to spotlight for our Customer Thursday spot.

Here is her entry from our most recent challenge:

.and another following Lou's tutorial:

This is a woman who is not afraid of experimenting and setting herself targets! Just look at these fab Christmas candles!

As an added bonus she is a lovely lovely person. Who is it you ask? It is...............................................

RUTH (Crafty Wanderings)

Pop over to Ruth's blog and have a nosey round :o)


hokeycokey said...

a worthy winner - this card is beautiful! well done x

Jac said...

Great choice Karen, love Ruths cards.

Lea said...

Excellent choice Karen, I love Ruth's cards - well done Ruth! xxx

Juliet said...

Congratulations Ruth - Your work is always so fabulous and you really deserve this award.
Juliet xx

Sammi said...

yayayay!! Great choice Karen!!
Go Ruth!!

Crafty Wanderings said...

Oh wow! My Word! Oooooo thank you!
Ruth x

Louly said...

Fantastic choice Karen. I agree, Ruth is a superstar - I love her to bits.

Linniepink said...

Wow such lovely ideas off to look at Ruths blog

ENJAY said...

Welldone Ruth, I have always loved your candles,still havent tried it yet,its on the list! Great choice Karen.

Adele said...

FAB choice- well done Ruth- I love your work!

Love Dingle.xx

Sarah C said...

CONGRATULAIONS RUTH. So rightly deserved xxx

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