Monday, 13 October 2008

New Blinkie

Firstly may I offer my apologies to anybody who got the code and displayed the new blinkies yesterday (including my design team sooooory). I got over excited and rushed in with them too quickly and changes needed making.
Anyhow, I've beeen busy and now have the new download Dottie Blinkie for you.

download dottie blinkie

Do you like it?It now includes George, much to Dottie's disapproval, she prefers to have ALL of the limelight to herself.

They're such fun to make, I've been teaching myself.

If you would like to display this blinkie on your blog feel free to copy the code from the sidebar and paste it into the html option on your gadgets/layout screen.


ENJAY said...

WoW!!! wonderful blinkie!!!!!xxx

Martine said...

loving the blinkie lou :D, wayyyy better than mine, i may have rushed a bit on mine and i wasn't completely happy with the outcome so i am very happy you have made this brilliant one :D, well done



Jilly said...

new one now on my blog. I love it

Crafty Wanderings said...

Well that was the next thing I was going to ask for!!! Got it and it's on my blog!!
Ruth x

Nicky said...

Great Blinkie already put it on my blog, love it

Sarah C said...

I LOVE the new blinkie and have it on my blog now :)

I'd've thought Dottie would be pleased to have George by her side. In typical woman style, I bet she changes her mind in a day or two LOL xxx

Sammi said...

oooh... lovely!!

Donna said...

Fabarooney blinkies Lou, poor old Dottie having to share the limelight with George lol! :) Donna x

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