Saturday, 22 November 2008

Flower Power

Happy Saturday, Louise here,

Let me ask you a question, what would crafting be like if we could never use flowers? I know what my answer would be; an absolute nightmare!

Flowers can be used in so many ways, as a main feature, as a subtle embellishment or as a space filler. They can be pretty or funky and, if you do it right they can even be used on mens cards! Trust me it's true!

But what happens when you look into your flower stash and you just can't find the one you want? Maybe the colour's wrong or it's not the right size... you make your own of course!
There are countless ways to make your own flowers, here are just a few of them......

No flower punches or dies?
Don't pannic, construct your flower from heart shapes!
This one was cut with a Sizzlets die but you could use a punch or even hand cut them. Try inking the edges to give dimension.

The central petals are 'puched out' hearts then there's a felt layer and a button on top.

Another way if you don't have fancy equipment is to cut flowers out of your patterned paper. Try layering them up and adding gems or beads, it's also a great way to coordinte with the paper you've used in your project...Go Wild!
Have a go at mixing and layering lots of different textures, materials, colours, patterns and techniques for a funky look. I've stamped a flower onto some patterned paper, Die cut and embossed another, used a prima for the other then cut a circle of felt for even more texture...

Then just pop it all together!

Spot the button change? LOL
Don't forget, your die cutting machines will cut leather, felt and other fabrics, dont be afraid to experiment......

As you can see with this one, stitching works great too!

Go on have a play! Be sure to come back for tomorrow's challenge because you may just get chance to put this into action! Nudge nudge, wink wink. xx


Ruth (ooffee) said...

Brilliant! Thanks! My stash is getting really low and I can't restock at the moment...SO this is perfect timing for me!!!
Ruth xx

Michele said...

Gorgeous flowers. Thanks for the tip. Never thought of using a heart shaped die to make-up a flower. Must give this one a try later. Michele x

Jac said...

Great tips thanks, will definately be giving some of these a go!

maddy hill said...

fab tutorial Lou ! love the leather flower and the detailed stitching !

Claire Mackaness said...

Wow fab Lou, really inspirational. My bloom drawer is very low at the moment and I am trying to find ways to make my cards more interesting. I'm off to play!

Adele said...

Great inspiration as alway Lou-thank you.

love Dingle.xx

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