Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Mid-week Mojo!

Hello Bloggers, Louise here.

I'm a bit frazzled today (I'm writing in advance again, it's actually 23.18 as I type) we're having our bathroom completely redone and it's causing chaos around the whole house. It was the plumber's first day today and we were without a toilet for most of the day. Being the hospitable girl I am, I kept making him cups of tea, and of course I had to have one each time too! NOT a good idea when there's no loo! Let's just say, I was 'relieved' when he left! PMSL (that abbreviation quite fitting too!)

Anyhow! On to the mid-week mojo and an extra example card to get you inspired to play along with this week's flower challenge.

Ever since I bought these gorgeous Primas I've been meaning to use them with Hula Dottie, I think they work perfectly, they look so exotic don't they? My parents are trying to book a trip to Hawaii in February to go whale watching. Everywhere seems to be fully booked (and they say there's no money around) but If they manage to get booked in I thoought I'd give them this card.

Here's a link to these gorgeous flowers, just in case you fancy treating yourself!

Have a lovely day.

Louise xx


Ruth (ooffee) said...

Hee hee - that story made me laugh. Fortunately my church is just at the end of my street and I have a key, so when my loo was out of action guess where I went!!!!

Those flowers are divine! I am going to get down to this week's challenge today - I hope!
Hugs - Ruth xx

Sarah C said...

That story had me rofl too. Bless you Lou, you need a bucket in your bedroom!!!

Love this card xxx

Adele said...

LOL....after having the extension built last year I know how you felt...I had a spare loo..but I wouldn't use it whilst the builders were in the house- I would pop across to my mum's house!!!

LOVE the card and the flowers look divine!!


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