Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sticky Stuff!

What do you use?

For years and years I swore by Double Sided tape and would buy it by the bag full from the local pound shop. It wasn't until I went to use one of my stock of cards made months earlier that I discovered the DS tape had caused my paper inserts to go see through where the tape was! I checked the others and they were all the same. It seems to only happen with regular printer paper, the thicker papers and card seem unaffected but I won't touch the cheap stuff with a barge pole now, in fact I even have some of the good DS tape too but I only use it sparingly - just in case!
This brings me on to a recommendation; Since my pound shop polava I've been trying out lots of different adhesives from glue rollers to PVA and I've finally found the new love of my life!
Blue glue stick! It's flippin amazing! It was a bit scary when I first used it because it sends everything it touches dark blue but it very quickly dries absolutely clear, and boy how it sticks! I love the blue factor because you can see the bits you've missed and I also love the smooth finish and quickness of it.
So if like me you're unhappy with your sticky stuff, give it a go!
I bought my Bostik one from ASDA because I needed it there and then but I've just had a look and our lovely Karen at Charmed Cards and Crafts sells a much more affordable version which will do exactly the same thing.
So, nothing to show today but this product gets 10 out of 10 from me and if you decide to try it out I think you'll be glad your read today's post.
Let me know if the same thing has happened to you or tell me what you use or what you would recommend by leaving a comment, I love to swap tips.

Have lovely day,
Louise xx


Becky said...

Ooh, I will have to try that one Louise, I use DS tape but only the one from craft shops! I've had the hardware DS tape before but I think from the smell and feel of it you can tell it's not going to be good for cards! I once went back to a card and the DS tape was also showing, this was due to the red cardstock I'd used, it had soaked up the DS tape, so it's not always the tape, it can be the paper and card as well! I'm really loving sticky/micro dots at the moment because they are so handy but not cheap, so I'll try the blue stick now!
Thanks for the tip!
Love Becky xx

Jenny said...

I found rolls of ds carpet tape at our £shop - I've never had a problem with it, and it comes in big 2" rolls, so you can cut it to the size you need. It's really sticky, and I find it the easiet. I also use gloy glue sticks that I buy from our local family children's centre at £1 per stick (big ones). I refuse to buy expensive ds tape - I'm just too tight!! I also love the Stampin' Up roller glue - really great, but just a bit pricey for my liking!! Oh, and my xyron creative station, but again a bit pricey!!

The Sticky Fixers ! said...

ohhh i have to check it out !
I do have a good glue stick - the tombow one - bit funny at first , but it sort of softens up after a few times ... its a bit pricy though so i dont like using it all the time.

Id like to one of the big gun ones ! might have to ask santa though !

great post Lou !

Claire Mackaness said...

I swear by the four packs for £1 that they sell in Poundland I've never had a problem and some of my cards are in the box from 3 or 4 years back. Glue stick wise I love Tescos own. They come in a box of 10 for 99p and they stick really well. I have tried the blue one before but I find it too chunky.

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