Monday, 1 December 2008

Look at These Danglies!

Hi Guys and Gals, Louise Here,

I'm sorry I'm late, I wrote todays post last night and scheduled it to go live this morning but it must have somehow failed because it disappeard off the face of the earth!

So here I am again, typing it all out. I took a trip to Maddy's Blog yesterday and what I found there made me drop everything to have a go at it myself, she's so inspiring! Maddy's made the most fantastic Fimo tutorial for us Bloggers. It shows us how to make the cutest pair of earings, mine are nowhere near as good as hers but here's what I came up with (I made a very quick card to mount them on......

I used ready coloured Dottie with the look-aliky snowman from the Chrismas collection for this one, great if you're in a rush!ROFL I've just realised that the one on the left looks like he's having a sneaky sctratch of his bum!
If you fancy a go at these fabulously festive earrings pop here to see the tutorial, Maddy is the queen of Fimo.


Juliet said...

I love this idea - what a great gift/card! I agree, Maddy is definitely the Fimo queen!

Nicky said...

These are lovely what a great idea I need to go shopping now for some filmo

maddy hill said...

OH wow LOU ! rofl at his sneaky bum scratch ! Love them - they are such charactors ! Oh and i see you have decorated his hat too ! they are fab !
well done Lou x
Btw - cos its sooo tiny i just use a small ball for its nose ! you have done well with the carrot shape nose Lou ! i always squash mine ! lol

Sarah C said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant xxx

Martine said...

your earings are fabulous louise, i bust out laughing when you said about the one on the left having a sneaky scratch at his bum, it actually reminded me of last xmas when i had some fimo and made a snowman which was to be an embellishment, but me being me couldn't be bothered waiting for the oven to heat so i had the brilliant idea of sticking him in the microwave lol (dont ask lol), well turns out it wasn't such a brilliant idea after all, there was a very weird smell and when i opened the microwave door i saw my snowman was on fire :O, i quickly put the poor chap out and saw that he had a gaping hole through his belly which looked like he had been cannon balled ROFL, so it just goes to show kids, there is a reason for warning instructions on a packet after all lol



Karen said...

ROFL at both you and Martine! Oh that did make me laugh out loud!
It's a great card and Juliet is right, Maddy really is the Fimo Queen!! xx

ENJAY said...

Lol!! Martine, what are you like, good moral of the story there too pmsl!!
Brilliant lou! Perhaps he has chill blains on his poor booty!!

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