Monday, 22 December 2008

Monday Mojo - Gift Card

Hello campers, Karen here :o) All ready for Christmas? Presents packed and stacked neatly underneath a wonderfully dressed Christmas tree? House gleaming from top to bottom? Fridge and cupboards bulging at the seams with Christmas fare? Aprons all ironed and the silver polished? I thought not! Ha ha ha. Me neither, but we have another couple of days anyway so what's the rush, right? ;o)

The new Girls About Town collection lends itself to some gorgeous ideas, here are just a couple.

If you have forgotten to get someone a gift then why not try this idea. I have used it as a birthday gift here (as I needed to) but you can of course quite easily change it to Christmas. Instead of a second shop you could add a Christmas tree for example. Similarly you can substitute the coffee mug holding the money for a present box, or a handbag etc, the possibilities are endless.

I cut a pocket in the mug at the top and attached a piece of heavy cardstock at the rear to make a solid pocket at the back.
The picture below shows the slit at the top

I attached a length of rick rack ribbon to the inside of the card at the top to emulate the scallops found on some shop canopies. A good idea would also be to cut along the bottom of the canopy itself on a larger shop image and slide the rick rack below the edge to achieve the same effect.

To finish this Monday's Mojo post here is another card for inspiration.

Have a great day xxx


Lavender Rose said...

What a brilliant idea Karen, the cards are gorgeous too!

Juliet said...

Love them both Karen. Where did you get the coffee cup from ?? - it's so stylish!

Karen said...

The cup is clipart but you can easily draw one yourself. That's the good thing about mugs, they are so easy to draw :-)

Louly said...

Oh How beautiful! I love them both! I haven't seen a £50 note for a few years! There's a novelty!
Both cards are excellent but my absolute fave is the second one, I love the layout of it and I love all the texture too.

Michele said...

Two gorgeous cards Karen. Love the money in the cup idea. Michele x

ENJAY said...

Wow Karen brilliant! No wonder you havent ironed your pinny yet! Like the £50 note, does that come with the downloads lol!!!!xxx

Ann said...

this collection is just fantastic. Love these two cards.

Ann xxx

Sarah C said...

These are really good Karen. I'm like Lou though and haven't seen one of those notes for years. In fact, I've hardly ever seen one of those notes at all!! LOL

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