Thursday, 4 December 2008

Thursday taster

Hi everyone, its been one of those weeks unfortunately, so i havent a card to show you for the first time ever, so i thought i'd share some tips.

Firstly if you missed it before on my blog there are two tutorials on teabag folding,one to make a wreath and one for basic folding.

Also when using a template, i photo copy the template( just for my use,as remember copyright) and attach the copy sheet over your chosen card,using de-tacked masking tape(this is just where you stick it to your clothes a few times to take the sticky off a bit)then using a ruler for straight lines etc and a pencil or embossing ball tool i trace over the lines on top of the copied template,which is why i always copy mine first so as not to ruin your original template. This the gives you the exact template embossed on the card beneath, which you then just cut out with a knife or scissors. As by the time you draw round a template the size of your pencil and accuracy of cutting determines how well your piece fit together.



Louly said...

Thanks Nicola! Great tips there, You are the template queen so they must be great tips!

maddy hill said...

great tips Nicola ! thank you xx
and i agree with lou !

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