Saturday, 3 January 2009

News Flashes!

How come I always have more than one thing to tell you at a time? Hmmmm, anyway let me start with our first news flash; We have a brand new Guest designer! Everybody put your hands together please for the wonderful........

She's absolutely fabulous but you know what? She doesn't believe me! I think we all need to shout together...

Nicky your are fabulouuuuuss!!!!!
Do you think she believes me now?

Welcome aboard Nicky, it'll be lovely to have you for January.

Don't go yet!!! I have more news!!! As you know, every month I like to give you a freebie (if you join in with the challenge) I know I'm a little late for the December freebie but I think you'll agree that it's worth the wait. You may have noticed that our Scruff has got himself a bit of a fan club so I decided it was time he had a bath, what do you think?......

So, here's how you get your paws on him....

All you have to do is;

  • Play along with tomorrow's challenge in the usual way and leave us a comment(on the challenge post) so we can go and see.
  • Tell everybody about scruff in the tub on your blog.
  • email me so that I can reply with your images attached.
  • If you don't have a blog that's OK just email me your pictures and I'll show them on here.

EVERYBODY who enters, following the challenge guidelines gets the image but it's only available (for now) by playing along with the challenge before 11/01/09.



Michele said...

Congrats Nicky, you'll have soooo much fun being a guest designer (I did). I'm definatley going to play tomorow to get this cute image. Michele x

Jac said...

Way to go Nicky! OMG that image is just adorable, I am so gonna play along this week, which reminds me I still have a challenge to complete today! (oops last minute again!lol)

Claire Mackaness said...

Congrats Nicky you'll have so much fun. I am gutted about this week, I fly to farnce at 5am tomorrow and am not back until the following Sunday. Looks as if I'll be spending my first night home with jet lag, crafting for dottie to get my hands on scruff LOL!

tracy said...

Well done Nicky on your new role as a guest designer just been over to your blog to look at your work, what fabulous gifts you have made to people all very special love your work.Can't wait to see what you create whilst being at Dotties world
Tracy x

Phred said...

Great jon Nicky. I am going to have a go at the challenge. My first time.
Lv Vicky

Adele said...

Fantastic image Lou..and you know how much I love Scruff...but that's know I have the "old scruff" all ready, cut and coloured...and now I will HAVE to do some more!LOL.

Good to have you on board Nicky!!

love Dingle.xx

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