Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Something New

Good morning folks, Louise Here.

If you read Karen's post yesterday you'll know that she has a fabulous challenge for all members over at the Charmed Craft Talk forum. All you have to do is use a Charmed download and try something new so why not pop over, register and join us all over there, it's a great place for us all to get together and chat too.
So, something new.... I was busy making today's project for the PTW challenge (more info on my blog), low and behold I found myself doing something I haven't done before! I've often cut into the pattern on patterned paper so that I can intermingle the image and the background but I've never thought of curling the design up like I did with this, it just came to me like a bolt from the blue! Don't you just love it when that happens?

Then I decided to do something else I don't normally do - decorate the inside!
The little envelope opens up to hold money or some other little gift..
I had some of the gorgeous red paper left so I decorated a box to match....

This was one of those boxes that you get jewelry in at ASDA, they're dead easy to cover.

So are you going to go over to the Charmed Craft Talk forum and have a go? The prize is fab and the winner will be chosen at random. I hope we see you there, be sure to introduce yourself, we're all very warm and welcoming.


Calv said...

What a great card and box Lou! I love the idea of the envelope for money inside, thats the sort of thing my kids would hide secret notes in lol.

Karen said...

Fabulous card Lou, inside and out!!


jules said...

Just love that card!!! great idea there with the paper curling!!!the box looks fab too!!

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