Tuesday, 7 April 2009

News Flash!

Happy Tuesday Folks, Louise here.

If you're all budding Miss Marples you might have spotted the odd clue dropped here and there to point towards something very new and very very exciting.

Yes indeed as spring aproaches the Charmed tree blossoms and grows a brand new branch, a new branch? you ask! Oh yes yes yes indeedy! Karen and I have been working together to produce a brand new set of designs to be made into stamps! I'm not going to tell you any more than that because the second bit of exciting news is that we have a whole new Blog which will be dedicated to them! So you can pop on over and get the full story but first let me give you a sneaky peek.....

You likey? Pop on over to the Charmed Delectable Stamps Blog to get a better look at what's in store.


POPPET said...

Awww stunning, shame you dont drive you could have popped and showed me in real life, i am itching to get my mitts on these, hugs pops x x x

Jac said...

Oooh have been and checked this out and am sure they will be coming home too! xx

Lea said...

I most definitely likey! xxx

Anonymous said...

Just lush!! Popped over to have a look! :) What a talent!


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