Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Loyalty Award

Wow what a great start we've had to the party, my inbox is overflowing!! Keep those spot the difference entries coming in.

On to todays little treat...
Over the past year hundreds of visitors have entered our challenges and we've enjoyed visiting every last one of them. We would love to be able to reward all of you but we would have to take out a second mortgage to do it! So we are are going to give a prize from the candy stash to the person who can prove they have entered the most challenges.

Now then, when I say prove I mean we need to be able to easily count the Dottie's World challenges that a person has entered in order to declare them the winner.

What you need to do
If you want to be in with a chance you need to make sure you have a label in your labels list saying DW challenges (or something like that) so that we can click on it and count all the ones you've done. If you haven't labelled all your past DW challenge entries and you want to play along with this you'll have to go through them all and add labels I'm afraid.
So you see, the winner might not actually be the person who's played along the most times, you've got to do the label thing so you can prove it so play along, it could be you!
When you've counted up, leave a comment here telling us how many you've entered and tell us what your DW challenges are labelled under. We'll visit your blog and count to make sure. The person with the most is the winner. You have until 9pm Saturday night to get it done!
Good luck!

If you want a labels list but don't know how to get one, go to Layout, click Add a Gadget and choose Labels.

When you write a blog post you will see a long white text box at the bottom; write all the categories that apply to that project eg. Dottie's World Challenge, birthday, mum etc and separate each category with a comma. These will appear in you side bar in the lists section.

If you haven't labeled your posts and you would like to you'll need to go to your dashboard, click edit posts, scroll down to the post you want to add a label to, press edit, add the label and save.

I'll be back tomorrow with a brilliant game for you all so be sure to come back.


Spyder said...

aw...I haven't done any of your challenges, cos I've only just found you...but I'll do a Dottie and put in on my blog later...

(good luck to whoever's the Dottiest!!)

Carol said...


Have done as requested - too few I fear :(

Did you need us to e-mail you this time?? As I haven't (hope that's right ..... it doesn't take much to confuse me LOL

Have a great day

Susan said...

I have done as asked. My label is Dottie's World Challenges and you will find all my attempts there. Unfortunately not many to look at though.


Becky said...

I've made quite a few, my label is here but I can think of 2 lovely ladies who will beat me hands down!!
Good luck with the re-launch!!
Love Becky xx

Sarah C said...

Hi Lou, I've just gone through my posts and added a label for 'dottie's world challenge' to the 23 challenges that I entered to make them easier for you (and everyone else of course lol) to find. List is near the bottom on the left. xoxo

Anjie said...

I've just chencked all my posts and they are marked Dotties Challenge.
Here they are

Anjie said...

There's one on page 2 of my DC gallery as well from before I had a blog.

Rachel said...

I've only just started to join in so not enough from me :-)

Good luck to those that have been joining in for longer :-)

Jac said...

This could take me a while as I never thought to label them! Duh how daft am I?! lol back later. xx

Cazzy said...

I'm sorry to say none! There is never enough time in the evening to do all I want, that is if I feel up to doing anything in the first place!

Cazzy x

Jac said...

Ok I'm back, I've labelled them all Dotties World Challenge and also linked to them HTH and there has been 52 challenges in total, 1 a week for a whole year. Keep 'em coming we love 'em. xx

Jac said...

Ooops sorry forget to add that I have joined in with 47 challenges, surprised myself! lol

Debsydoo said...

Unfortunately I haven't entered any challenges even though I have done loads of cards using the downloads lol, but hope to soon, good luck everyone else :0)

hugs Debs x

Nicky said...

I have just spent ages labeling my posts as I never new you could do that DOH!! I have done 41 there are on the right side of my blog They Should be Here

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