Tuesday, 14 July 2009

More Talented Children

From time to time we get pictures sent to us of creations made by customer's talented children. It's been some time since I showed you any so I thought it was about time that I did!

First of all we have this gorgeous girly card by Amy aged 13. I love how she's coloured Holly to blend perfectly with her choice of backing papers. I think her mum Susan has some competition in the house! Well done Amy and thank you for showing us.

Next up we have have a gorgeous Pixie card by the daughter of one of our past guest designers - Kim. Kim's crafty daughter Alex has got her hands on mums Pixie collection, but just look at what she's made.....

I think mum will let her off don't you? Alex is one talented 11 year old, another crafter following in her mother's footsteps. I love how she has seated daisy on the flourish - beautiful!

Thank you ladies for sharing your creations with us. If any of you peeps reading this have children that have made things using the Charmed downloads please email them in to us, we'd love to show them off.

Louise xx


Tara said...

These are two amazing cards - well done girls for producing such amazing creations! xx

Lea said...

Lovely cards!

I love Amy's colours and how she's done it as though following a sketch. I think those images are ideal for a 13 year old. If I was Hellen I'd be so pleased with that card.

Alex's card is lovely, bright and fresh. I love how she's left some of the image white to match the background and the three little gems in the bottom corner are fab.


Sarah C said...

These two cards are amazing. I love Amy's colours and I too love the way Alex has sat Daisy on the flourish. Beautiful work girls xx

jem said...

2 fabulous cards, what talent. janex

June said...

Arent they all brilliant!! we have competition ladies lol, well done kids they are magnificent xxxxx

Wendy said...

Both of these cards are stunning, well done girls, you have picked a great hobby to take up.

I have also been playing with some of your pixies, I have coloured them in and used them to make my blog background.
Thanks for these stunning fairies
you can see my background here
Here .

Kellylouj said...

Cards are fabulous xxx

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