Monday, 8 November 2010

It's getting closer!

Good morning Folks, Louise here.

Are you enjoying playing with our new downloads (Santa's Little Helpers)? Well Christmas is getting closer so it's time to think of getting started on your Christmas cards if you haven't already.

I've just moved house and all of my craft room was in boxes but I'm happy to say that it is all unpacked now and I have got around to doing a bit of crafting.

There are loads and loads of digi downloads sites around now but I am proud to say that we were amongst the first. I think some of those sites produce fab images but you know what, I think you can tell which images were designed by experienced card makers and which were just designed by good artists, do you agree? I'll explain what I mean; when I am coming up with image ideas, I have in my head an idea of how that image can be used on a card. I like to incorporate elements that will be good for paper piecing or decoupage, also elements that can be enhanced by brads or buttons. In the image used on today's card I knew right from the beginning that the ribbon loop would look great replaced by real ribbon......that is what I mean when I say images designed by card makers work better on cards. OK waffling over, here is my card....

Nice and simple for this one, I think the picture is enough to 'make' the card without too much fuss - also who has time to spend ages on one Christmas card when we have so many to make? I certainly don't!

Here is the close up of that cute ribbon detail....why don't you have a go.

If you would like to view the rest of this digi download set and 1000's of other amazing crafty items besides pop over to Charmed Cards and Crafts.


Larisa said...

It is very beautiful!!! Love this image! Is this a stamp or a digi stamp? I wish I had the same stamp to make the beautiful cards too)))

pinky said...

I reckon Charmed Cards has the best digis going at the minute, so usable, perfectly drawn and up to the minute attitude!! Love this card.

Louly said...

Oh thanbk you Pinky mmmwahhhh. Larisa it's a digi image from Charmed Cards and Crafts. The collection is called Santa's Little helpers xx

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