Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hello and a Happy New year to you all!

It`s been a while since I last posted, but I had a long holiday vacation and I think I needed it. I was so beasy in my craftroom before christmas making gift, that I lost my inspiration to do something. I also was so behind with my christmas cards, that I had to make some New Years card. I did not fancy that alt all.
So I gave myself a promise, that I wouldn`t do the same for next christmas. I am member of a private forum and we have challenge going on- making christmas cards every month  for 2011. So my goal is to make 4 cards each mont.
That`s why my card for this sunday is a christmas card, but I promise to not post anymore christmas card here on this blog until summer is past.....
I used this sweetie from the Sugar and Spice collection and she is adorable for Christmas cards as well for ohter occasions.

 Wish you all a great week, with lots of inspiration. I need some inspirations for other things than Christmas card, that`s for sure. So why don`t you give me some...


pinky said...

Its absolutely gorgeous;)

Karen@CCC said...

Fab card Gunn, love the colours you used and it's lovely to see images not specifically made for Christmas fit right in.
It's a great idea to make the cards throughout the year, I had an awful rush trying to get cards ready this year.

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