Saturday, 10 May 2008

Simple Paper Piecing Tutorial

Good evening everybody.

A few of you have asked me how I do my paper piecing on my cards so I've decided to show you just how easy it actually is to start off paper piecing.
First of all print your image, first onto your white paper and then onto any other papers you want to include - I'm just using one patterned paper for this example.

Tip - you don't have to waste paper by printing onto A4. Change the paper size in the programme you're using (I use MS Word) according to how big you need it.

Now cut out the part you want to be patterned.

Colour in and (if desired) cut out your base image.

Tip - use scalloping scissors to cut around dottie's hair.

Finally stick the paper piece onto your base and it's ready for the finishing touches.

I'll keep you in suspence and show you the finished card tomorrow when we launch our first challenge.


Marlou said...

oh wow!! thanks Louly, great tutorial!!! thanks for sharing, great idea using scallop scissors round dottie's hair :)

~natasha~ said...

Thanks for sharing how to do this Louly, now I know how when I attempt this challenge. Its much easier than I thought too. Thanks for the tip on dotties hair too. Your a superstar :)

craftymama said...

Great tutorial Louly, thanks and love the tip about using scalloped scissors for her hair, would never have thought of that.

Dawn said...

Louly thanks for that - I've heard so much about it.

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