Friday, 6 June 2008

Christmas Collection!!!

Good morning folks,
Great news for you today; The Christmas bumper collection is now available, and it's HUGE!There are 17 main images in this one (some of them doubles - Dottie and George together) then there are seperate backgrounds, elements, 5 sentiment sheets and extras, such as a gift packed trailer for Santa's sleigh and more. As an extra bonus we've popped in a set that has already been cololured - for those days when you don't have much time for colouring.
Tempted yet? Well let me show you waht I've been up to....

This one looks better in real life as you can see the 3D effect much better. For this one I have used the ready coloured option. The main image is Rudolf and I've paired it with the 'Centre Stage' background with some pattened paper in the background. The speech bubble is also from the set.
I'm going to enter this one into Fabrizio's Christmas challenge.

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Click the blinkie if you'd like to take a look at the collection.

Happy Crafting!

xxx Louise xxx


Crafty Wanderings said...

Oh Wow - it looks amazing! Well done, again! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

See you again soon!
Ruth x

Jac said...

They are totally awesome, great job Louise, love 'em!

Adele said...

OMG- where's the credit card!!!!!

I adore them- great collection- well done and thank you!!

love Dingle.x

Shirley said...

I love these, and will be popping over to get them very soon... once my husband is out the way, that way he wont see the bank card coming out and question

Anonymous said...

Oooh Lou that collection is definitely a must have!

I love card!!!

Karen said...

I adore this collection, it is super duper, superb, adorable, amazing, fantastic, awesome, and lots more words like that! Very well done Lou xxx

Becky said...

Wow! I'm off now, with credit card in hand!!!
Love Becky xx

Becky said...

Oh, where are they???
I can't find them! :0(
Love Becky xx

Louly said...

Becky, did you click on the blinkie? They're there when I look ????

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