Friday, 20 June 2008


I made this for Missy Famous herself a while ago,Im sure you'll all agree the sentiment suits Louise down to the ground,this is using Dottie at Work and Cat collection image for the small pic on the board, I printed onto water slide decal paper and added to the plaque available at Charmed cards, this is the direct link
and the larger flowers are by Primas also available at Charmed.


Juliet said...

Fabulous Nicola!! Your plaques are lovely. I can see the resemblance, lol.

Louly said...

You're such a sweetie. My plaque has pride of place above where I sit at the sofa, as that's where I sit to draw all the Dottie and Georges.
I'm not sure about genius though LOL, I've never won a game of trivial persuits in my life!

Karen said...

That's lovely Nicola!! I particularly love the cats in the frame and how Dottie is "drawing" them! You clever girl! xx

Anonymous said...

Nicola you're a genius youself :) I love how you do your plagues.

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