Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sunday Challenge- Holy Guacamole!!!

Oh my goodness where does time go too! I'm still enjoying looking at all the floral cards and now it's time for another challenge! Well, we like to keep you nice and busy (evil laugh).

So let the challenge commence. This week I want to see you making holes in your projects (no pin pricks, they don't count! (evil laugh again). The holes can be in the actual card or on an element of your card, like mesh or netting. Oh and of course it goes without saying, you have to use a Charmed download too! So is this challenging enough for you? Let me offer you some inspiration.......


I layered the coloured background behind the characters and added the text before printing out twice. I made the card then cut out and added the decoupaged elements before punching lots of holes for stars with my big bite. The photo doesn't do the stars justice really, when you hold it up to the light they shine really nicely.


Karen used one big hole in the top left and then of course the mesh is very holy too. Isn't it tweet!


I love how Karen has made the inside of the card just as fabulous as the outside.

Nicola used a washing tablet bag to create the net for this one -So clever!


Here Nicola uses another image from the sports George collection. This time the holes are a rather nifty shoe lace arrangement at the top. I LOVE this card.

Take a look at this one! What a fabulous idea! I think you'll agree, this is purrfect!

Last but by no means least we have this exotic creation from Juliet, using Hula Dottie. Gorgeous ay?

Do you see the clever flap? it opens up to reveal....

What a stunner! Juliet has used K&Co Urban & Seaglass papers, a Prima flower for 'Hula Dottie's' skirt and added micro-beads to her clothes and shoes. The holes are in the Urban cardstock and in the spine of the card to thread the raffia through.

All products mentioned including the embossing folders and the big bite are available from Charmed Cards and Crafts - the same place as the downloads so you can fill your basket and purchase the downloads all in one speedy transaction, just click the button!

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Don't forget to leave us a comment so that we can view your projects, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

xxx Louise xxx


Jac said...

OMG your samples are totally amazing, the stars, the way the robin dottie shows through from the inside, that net is so cool, always knew those nets had a better use!, the door hanger is great and hula dottie looks wonderful that pattern is so delicate. Thank you ladies, great challenge, off to get my thinking cap on.

ENJAY said...

Brilliant cards laydeez!! Its actually more difficult than it sounds. Cant wait to see everyones creations.Nicola.xx

Sammi said...

Oh man!!! these cards are fantastic!!! Good work ladies, you really do get better and better! (if that is possible!!)
Ok - I have to go make holes now ;)

Sammi said...

Ok - I'm back and I've made my card! It is on my blog

thanks again!!


Jac said...

Well after leaving last weeks card to so late in the day I have done this weeks challenge already! I must try and find a happy medium!, A great challenge that initally had me a bit stumped.

Lea said...

Gosh all your samples are fantastic!!!! I'll be back when I've made something lol!

Crafty Wanderings said...

Yikes - that scared me at first! I mean HOLES in my card!

Well, after some consideration, I took the plunge (hee hee) and made a card using Bathtime Dottie!

Great challenge again! And your design ideas are as amazing as ever! Thank you all!
Ruth x

Becky said...

Hi Everyone! Another great challenge and DT work!
My Dottie Card
Love Becky xx

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Another fun challenge and inspiring design work! My Dottie is here:-

mueppi said...

I hope, I understand what I have to do, because my english isn`t very good! haha
Here is my card with Hole!?

southern fairy said...

here's mine

Lea said...

Okay my card is now on my blog. I know you can reach it by just clicking on my name but how do I post a link to the correct post??? Anyone want to help a confused girlie here?

Answers on a postcard please lol!

Shirley said...

Well ive finaly got back crafting, have made 3 dotty xmas cards tonight, on my blog. the first one ive done for this challenge. is a bit of a cheat tho im afraid. I copied a little. understand if It cant be included.

Shirley xx

Shirley said...

Ive added another card to my blog to go with this challenge.

There are also a few more Dottie Christmas cards added.

Looking forward to the next challenge. although I may do more to suit this challenge tomorrow, I seam to have got my crafting head back on now.

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