Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sunday Challenge #9 - Pick a Letter.

Hi Dottie & George groupies, Juliet here, and welcome to Sunday Challenge #9 - 'Pick a Letter'. The challenge this week is a little bit different.....Choose any letter in the alphabet, and use as many things on your card beginning with that letter as possible, for example, if you choose the letter ‘S’ you could use stitching, stamping, spots, staples, stickers, slugs, snails, stars, anything beginning with the letter ‘S’. You can use other things too, of course. Either Dottie, George or a Kitty from the downloads must also feature on your card of course, but get really creative with the other elements. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

For my first card I chose the letter 'B' and used Baking Dottie (Dottie at Work Collection) with her Blackboard, a Butterfly, Bee, Brads, Blooms, Button, Blue, Birthday cake and a bit of Bling.

I used the letter 'G' for this Gothic Dottie (Rock 'til You Drop Collection) card, with Green, Gems, Glitter Glue, Giant flower and a Greeting.

Karen chose 'P' for Punk - Punk Rocker George of course,
P for Paper - Basic Grey Euphoria and Bazzill
P for Paint - (I used acrylic paint around the two main frames)
P for Pen - I doodled around the edge with a pen
P for Purple - purple buttons, purple brads, purple ribbon, purple bazzill. Plus you have purple in the BG Euphoria paper background.
P for Poem - OK it wont sell volumes but it rhymes LOL
P for Petals - Prima blooms

I just love the colours in this card and the verse is very clever - I didn't know Karen was a poet!

Nicola used Biker George from the new 'Rock 'til You Drop' collection for her stunning card, and the letter 'B' for Bike, Biker George, Brads, Blue, Black, Beige and Beard. I think George looks very handsome with his goatee. Nicola used the tutorial on for her circular greeting.

Louise also took her images from the new Rock 'til You Drop Collection, firstly with 60's George and the letter 'R', using Red card, Records and paper Ribbon. Those old vinyl records are superb - and I think we need a tutorial on making those Lou!

Louise's second card is 'Punk Rocker George' and this card is amazing. I think Lou must have been a punk to be able to add such fantastic detail. Her letter for this one is ‘G’, and we have George (of course!), Guitar, Glossy Accents on the guitar, belt and hair, Glitter on the guitar, Gromlets on a Green background (set with my big bite) and hand doodled Graffiti.

I hope you all have as much fun as we did with this challenge and we are positively itching to see your creations.
Have a lovely Sunday,
LOL, Juliet xx


Karen said...

What fabulous creations girls!
Nicola: love George with his goatee, I quite fancy him like that ;o) The "born to be wild" badge is super and I love the way you have cut George out along the edge of the card.
Lou and Juliet: Two cards this week? You are making me come over all inadequate (lol). Fantastic creations as always. I especially love the Gothic Dottie from you Juliet, and the Punk George from you Lou, they are both wild, mad and wonderful.

Karen said...

Oh btw ladies, pop over to my blog if you wish to see my Punk Rocker George card in more detail (and read my fantastic poem lol), as it can't be enlarged on here.

Jac said...

OMG these creations are totally awesome and stunning, I love 'em all, there is so much detail with them, everytime I look I see something else. Thanks for a great challenge.

Sammi said...

FANTABULOUS cards :) They are absolutely stunning!! I LOVE them! OK, going off to find a thinking cap!

Lea said...

Amazing cards girls - I was sitting here open mouthed at your gorgeous creations.

Right, I'll go and try to think of something. I love the challenge you've set :o)

I'll go read Karen's poem first though lol!

ENJAY said...

Wow fabulous cards!! and a wonderful challenge,theres gonna be some good ones for this i'm sure!Welldone Karen,Juliet and Lou!!Nicola.xx

Chriss Rollins said...

great challenge love everyone of the creations here.
have u caught up with ARC queen dotty she is having the holiday of holidays see blog for details. x

Denise said...

Absolutely gorgeous creations girls-really inspiring, have had a go this week - haven't maybe used as many letter itemsas I should, but I really enjoyed playing with Festive Dottie and Georges am now off to hava play with the new Rock Til You Drop set xx

Sue said...

Wow, fabby cards from the DT.Well i just had to purchase the xmas pack so i made santa george this afternoon for the challenge,i'm loving these downloads:-)

Here is my card.


Sarah C said...

Wow, what a lot of brilliant, brilliant cards. You ladies have been so busy. This challenge looks like a good 'un

Mee said...

WOW brilliant stuff!! As soon as I saw the new Rock n Roll set I had to have it, it is amazing!!!!!!
This is my 1st Dottie's World challenge(tho I've been peeking for ages). My version of Rocker George can be seen here

Adele said...

Lovely cards!!!! But what a tough challenge...far to much choice for my liking, you know what a ditherer I am. Eventually I went for a P!!! (snigger!)

Thank you,

love Dingle.x

Crafty Wanderings said...

FINALLY I've done this week's challenge! I chose the letter B, but you'll have to go and look to see what I've done!

Oh and Juliet - that's two more off the list! LOL!

Unusually, I'm happy with this one! LOL!
Thanks again!
Ruth x

Jac said...

Ok I've done it but only just (again!) as I'm off on a working holiday tomorrw for the week so back just in time for the next one! Thanks for another fab challenge

Sammi said...

Oh did I mention how great your cards were this week?? They ROCK!!

Finally I get a chance to make the card for this week's challenge. It is on my blog

~natasha~ said...

Back and caught up at last, fab cards the design team and all customers ~ as always

Sarah C said...

Woohoo, I've made a card for your challenge and it's on my blog now titled 'Pick A Letter'.

Karen said...

I've been told I cheated on this and received a slapped wrist. Apparently the George I used is not a Punk Rocker (despite the hair), but just a rocker. I apologise for the mistake and go back into my corner suitably chastised.......

Louly said...

LMAO! Did that slapped wrist hurt chuck? Aw you know I was joking.xxxxxxxxxx

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