Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Midweek Mojo!

WOW....what a lot of fabby, fabby work going on. I am especially loving the new Animal Magic download creations that are suddenly springing into life.

There has been a discussion going on over at Charmed as to whether or not "Lady" Pusskins should have been a girlie cat or a tom I took Karen's resizing/reshaping tip from Monday and created 3 different cats. A large fatter tom cat, a medium slim girlie cat and a bubby kitty....and ended up with this!

I created a circular sentiment "From our pad to yours" by using the tutorial here and finished off by stamping a little paw print in the centre! Rather than colour the crowns in metallic silver or gold I chose bright "party hat" colours. Hope you like it....I had so much fun making it and the new downloads are a dream to colour- thank you Lou and Karen!!

Today I also want to show you another creation from Lea for this week's Black, white and a splash challenge. Thank you Lea, another great creation-the pink black and white work wonderfully together.

Keep your challenge cards coming in to make sure you ge tthe great FREE FAIRY DOTTIE download...don't miss out!


Sammi said...

Oooh... Lea's card is just gorgeous.. nice one LEA .. .and yours is Fantastic Adele! Thanks for sharing!

Ruth - Crafty Wanderings said...

Hee hee! Well done - I think that ends the discussion! Gorgeous card! Great fun for Christmas!

And well done Lea! Another great card!
Ruth xx

Becky said...

What a gorgeous card Adele, I do love your embossing, it gives a wonderful texture to your cards. Gorgeous card from Lea too!
I'm loving the newly updated Dottie's World!!
Love Becky xx

Jac said...

What a glorious card, the family of cats is super. And Lea your B&W with pink card is wonderful too.

Anonymous said...

Your card is fantastic Adele! xxx

Great idea to use three different sized cats. I love their party hats!!!

Louly said...

Adele what a brilliant idea! I love your family of royal Pusskins, they're ocool. I ove the sentiment too, I woouldn't have thought off that.
Lea yor card is gorgeous! That's sure to give people that extra bit of inspiration they need for this week's challenge.

Karen said...

Super card Lea, Dottie looks beautiful in her wedding gown.

Great idea with the three cats Adele, I love it!


Juliet said...

Super wedding card Lea - love the pink! I like this idea of the cat family Adele - great card.
Juliet xx

Sarah C said...

What a fantastic card Adele. I love it.

Lea, I love your card too. It's really beautiful

Karen said...

Ooooo just found your blog....loved the puus sooo much I have downloaded the pack....big thank you XX

maddy hill said...

i love the idea of the family of cats Adele ! brill !

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