Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Peggy Pig and Bo Bunny!

Good morning folks!

I'm hoping it's a beautiful day, the reason I don't actually know is that I'm cheating and writing this post the night before so I'm saying good morning but I'm actually about to go to bed! It's like time travelling - maybe I could be the next Doctor Who! Yeeeaaaah!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd tell you about my two latest must have recommendations, the first of course is the Animal Magic download collection (well it had to be!) and the second is one of the brand new ranges from Bo Bunny that goes absolutely perfectly with the animals, it's called Flirty and let me tell you, when I saw it it didn't need to flirt with me, not a single chat up line was required it pulled right away baby!

You need to go here for a closer look at all the goodies but before you pop off, have a look at what I made with one of the papers and one of the stickers (the tag), oh and of course I can't forget Peggy!.......

It's a night time photo with my daylight lamp but it came out OK didn't it?

Have you noticed that dispite her generous curves theres not an ounce of cellulite in sight? some girls have all the luck eh?

Now I'll let you go and check out those new Bo Bunny ranges.....yummy scrummy!

BTW keep those challenge cards coming in so that you can get your free fairy!


strawberry fields said...

I love this card. Great fun and gorgeous colours. I've only just founds your blog. It's great!
Fiona :)

Karen said...

Oh that Peggy is a little cracker - or should that be crackling? Fab card Lou, the paper is just divine with Ms P Piggy. xxx

Sarah C said...

Awwww, Karen how could you imagine eating such a great image.

Peggys wonderful and so's the card. I love them both xx

Juliet said...

Super card Louise - I've yet to get to grips with Peggy, but I will!

Nicky said...

great card I am still trying to resist buying the new downloads but I know resistance is useless LOL. Especially when you all keep making such brilliant cards

Becky said...

What a brilliant fun bright card Lou, love it!!
Love Becky xx

Adele said...

He he, this is such a great, fum image Lou. Doesn't she look great!

love Dingle.xx

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