Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Wicked Wednesday Wobble

OK so there's no wobble but I couldn't think of another W! I know I can't fool you, it is indeed supposed to be Mid Week Mojo Today but as you're all so blummin impatient I've been working on the new collection- 'Girl about Town' to try and complete it. So no extra challenge example from me today BUT as you can see I do have another juicy little morsel to tempt you with.

Before you bombard me with questions of 'WHEN?' I can quite safely say it will be less than a week before it's finished and if Karen has time at her end she may get it online shortly after it's completed.
I'll announce it on here as soon as it goes live so be sure to keep popping back.
In the mean time I can tell you a little bit about it, it's a set of 9 lovely ladies, doing mainly what ladies do best - shopping!But there are a couple of variations in there too. Also you'll get a set of backgrounds AND a separate set of sentiments/quotes. How does that sound?
Oooh I've just remembered, do any of you buy Let's Get Crafting? If so keep your eye open for Issue 10, in there you'll find a glorious 3 page Dottie and George feature PLUS Dottie has got herself on the front page AGAIN!!! (sorry George)
Have a lovely day
Love Lou xx


Sarah C said...

The new colection sounds like it's gonna be brilliant ~ as if I'd expect anything else eh??? Might have to see if I can get it as a Christmas present.

I'll keep an eye out for the magazine. Dottie's becoming a right cover girl! xxx

Sammi said...

Ooh ooh ooh!! Thank you for showing us this peek Lou, Oh - I'm a bit excited! lol! But you are a BIG tease!! Can't wait to see them ALL!

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Looking forward to the new collection going live! From the sneaky peeks we've has it's looking good! Thanks Lou! xx

Adele said...

I should be making card, I should be tidying up, I should be wrapping pressies......and here I am doing a lit bit of blog hopping!!!

SO glad I did.......another stunning image Lou...cannot wait!

love Dingle.xx

Jac said...

Wow from the sneek peeks you have given us this collection is looking amazing and sure to become another firm favourite, getting really excited now!

Claire Mackaness said...

Another yummy sneaky peek! Will you be running a seperate blog as the collection is totally different or will it still be on the dotties world blog?

maddy hill said...

oh well done you on the feature lou that is so cool !

the new collection sounds fab ! cant wait to see it !
love ya !

Becky said...

Wicked Wednesday Wowzer would have been more appropriate lol!!
Love Becky xx

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