Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Yummy Boxes!

Hi folks, Louise here.

Aaaaages ago I bought myself the Quickutz Silhouette. I really do love it because it cuts out practically any shape you want, but for some reason I go through stages of not using it and then getting hooked again. Well, this time I'm well and truly hooked because they've brought out some more of my favourite kinds of templates - boxes and bags!

The first one I had to rush off to use was the box that's in the shape of a slice of cake, I can see it getting used a lot by me, isn't it fab!
This one's a bit small but you could easily make it quite a lot bigger. I thought it would be great to make 8 to put together to make a full cake and label them with the names of all the children at a birthday party, what a great way to take your piece of cake home!
I decided to make a quick card to go with one of the boxes. I thought together they would make a nice little token to give to an expectant mum. The box could contain whatever she's craving. When I know who I'm going to give it to I intend to have a little label attached under the bow on the card and a name tag on the cake too.

If you have some Christmas money to spend, you neeeed to get yourself a Silhouette digital craft cutter. Not only are there a whole host of fabulous designs on the software when you buy it, there are also hundreds of designs to download. Not only that but you can make your own custom designs if your compute savvy AND it even cut's out any text that you wamt to type in!


Pink Diamond Workshop said...

hi this is gorgeous well done and what a great idea. does the template need to be used onlt with the machine you have, i would love to have a go, I have a pazzles machine though.
Jackie xxxx

Juliet said...

Love this Louise - do I really neeeed one of these do you think?
Great idea to make a 'cake' from the boxes!

Jo said...

oH WOW , these are gorgeous

Nicky said...

I love it, what a great idea for the birthdays. You know I have just got hooked on boxes, I will have to have a go at the shape now.

Sarah C said...

Love what you've done here and a great idea for making enough for a cake xoxo

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