Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Children's Gallery

Hi Folks, Louise here,
My oh my what fun I've been having looking through the marvellous creations your talented children have been making. Children never fail to impress me, they have no fear and don't 'faff' the way we do, I think it's like a breath of fresh air watching them create, although it takes a little practise for us to learn not to interfere!
It was a slow process getting enough pictures for the first gallery but I'm hoping you'll be inspired to get your kids crafting after you've seen these - they're fantastic!
Without further ado, let me present to you the very first Dottie's World Children's Gallery...

By Isabel aged 7▲

By Holly aged 13▲ (nearly 14!!)

By Hannah aged 11▲ (nearly 12!)

By Hannah aged 11▲

By Hannah aged 11▲By Rachel aged 9 ▲(nearly 10!)By Amber aged 10

By Aimee aged 12By Megan aged 11

By Shae aged 10

Let us put our hands together for a big round of applause for Isabel, Holly, Aimee, Amber, Hannah, Rachel, Megan and Shae.

They're all super talented children and a real credit to their parents.

A thought for today... isn't it funny how age is so very important when your're young but as you get older you'd rather forget about it, I mean you wouldn't find my writing;

By Louise aged 35 (nearly 36!!!).......Oops!


Ruth (ooffee) said...

YAY! Well done everyone! Brilliant work - I love them all!!

Such variety among their creations! I think we'd better watch out ... I can see the up and coming design team member among these ...

Thanks for the idea and for sharing them with us, Lou! xx

Juliet said...

WOW! What brilliant work here everyone. You are ALL so creative and talented. Well done!!!
Juliet aged 21 (nearly 22) Yeah! xx

Karen said...

What wonderful work!!! Well done to you all!!! Wow wow wow is all I can say.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Amber almost had a fit though as you had her age down as 9, AND you spelt Aimee wrong (but they forgive you ;-))

From Karen (aged 21 - and a bit)

JanJ said...

Oh what fab cards, there is some real talent out there amongst the youngsters, really impressed and thanks for sharing.

Jan (aged 45 and a tiny bit!)


NoraAnne said...

wow, this is very impressive! such talent :)

Louly said...

EEK!! I'm so sorry Aimee and Amber, I thought I'd double checked names and ages, that'll teach me not to leave jobs until I'm too tired to do them properly.♥♥

Jac said...

Wow, congratulations to all of you your work is amazing and I really look forward to seeing more of your creations. Well done and thanks Lou this is a great idea. x

having a {me} day said...

WOW!! What an amazing set of cards! So much talent on display! katxx

Calv said...

Well done everyone....future crafty stars i think!

Sarah C said...

Wow, they're all super-talented and produced some amazing creations. Keep it up girls. From Sarah (soon to have an age with a '0' at the end :O

maddy hill said...

super duper kids !
Everyones makes are awesome ...
well done !!! and what a great idea Lou !

Anonymous said...

Fantastic cards, most definitely super crafters of the future me thinks.

Lea (52 and really not wanting to get any older)

POPPET said...

Awww always swett to see kiddies cards, well donr everyone hugs pops x x x

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