Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Holly on Safari

Good Morning peeps! I hope it's another beautiful spring day where you are (as I write it's Monday evening so I'm having to hope it's going to be another beautiful day)

It's time to update you on the world tour so far....

As you know Holly and Madison started their trip in London for some last minute shopping before popping over so Germany for a bit of a knees up. They then popped on a plane to Italy to attend a masked ball - they live such a glamorous life don't they! It's OK for some!

After they'd danced the night away at the ball it was time to catch their flight to Africa for a bit of safari!

Here's Madison in her shorts, now why can't I look like that in shorts?

I have to tell you, the girls are getting a bit home sick, Holly in particular can't wait to get back and meet up with her special 'friend' Calvin Mouse, I sense something on the horizon there you know.

All products used on this card, from the Wild Saffron papers to the download image to the little wooden ladybirds are from Charmed Cards and Crafts.


jacque4u2c said...

Just stunning!

Juliet said...

Oh I agree - truly fabulous!

Karen said...

What a fab card Lou. I love the striking red with the more earthy colours. Super!

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