Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Recycling in a flash!

Last night I thought I'd finally finished everything that needed finishing so I sat back, breathed a sigh of relief and reached for the chocolate and the DS (sad I know!!LOL), ready for some well earned relaxation. Then it hit me, it was my turn to write on Dottie's World today!!!!Arrrrrgh!!!!!

So 11pm and I was sitting in my shed (craft room) amidst the remnants of the last card I made (OK so I'm messy!) It's just occurred to me, how would I ever manage without brackets or exclamation marks!

Anyhow, as I sat in a panic I remembered I had some unused coloured images left from when I did the coloured H&M downloads, first at hand was Madison in the orient. I then spotted an off cut of card from the last card I made. So after a little snipping, dry embossing and heat embossing it was finished! All done in 15 minutes! I thought it would make a nice little 'thinking of you' card because it's the right size to be kept by the recipient as a bookmark.

So why the mention of recycling in the title?

Well, some time ago I was in the staff room at work and I asked all the ladies if, in future they would bring in any odd earrings or broken jewelry rather than through it in the bin. I thought it would be a good way of stocking up on beads and things. We have one lady who is very glam and is always bedecked in jewelry, she ended up bringing me loads! The row of gems along the bottom came from an old bracelet she brought in for me. They're a bit rough around the edges because I didn't have a suitable tool to get rid of some of the little bits, but hey, it was late!As you know I'm a bit of a one for recycling, it's a great way of having truly unique (and cheap!) elements in your work.

Before I go, let me remind you to send me pictures of your childrens creations using or inspired by the Charmed downloads so I can put up another gallery.

♥♥♥Louise ♥♥♥


Ruth (ooffee) said...

I'm the same with dots as you are with brackets!! ... and I also like exclamation marks!

Thanks for the recylcing tips - off to drop a few hints to people now! Rxx

ittybittyinkspotstoo said...

WOW great card!! Love your beads! I have a jewelry box that I dig through, going to call a few non creative friends now! LOL
Beautiful card!

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