Saturday, 13 June 2009

Double Pixie Treat

We have ditched the "Fairy" tag and replaced it with Pixie, well not completely ditched it but "intermingled". Can I just say again that they will be ready when they are ready and no amount of screaming and shouting will get them to you any quicker (ha ha), it will be at least another week before the digi-stamps are ready, perhaps even longer; but you can start planning your projects now.

Today I created a showcase comprising TWO of our enchanting pixies: Thistle and Daisy. I kept chopping off Thistle's top petals so there's a variety of pictures:

Here is Thistle:

..and here is Daisy:

Sorry if I post too many pictures, I take dozens and never happy with them LOL
Thanks for visiting, stay patient, and have a lovely Saturday.


Louly said...

Oh my word!!! Karen this is my fave so far! I love the colours you've used on Thisle and the whole card has the feel of a magical forest glade. You're so clever!

Sarah C said...

These will be worth waiting for. They're simply stunning as is your card. You have so much patience and add just the right finishing touches too xoxo

Anonymous said...

WOW, they're absolutely stunning!! :)

Vanessa x

True :) said...

Wow wow wow! I just stumbled on to yur blog and my jaw hit the floor! These are beautiful fairy cards! I have told lots of my friends to come check them out too!
I have put you in my right side bar on my blog under friends I love to watch.
True :)

Dianne said...

WOW!! These are beautiful cards. I will definitely check back tomorrow for the challenge. I am going to post your site on my side bar on my blog so I can watch and my followers and friends can watch.

Nicola said...

Wowzers these are absolutely gorgeous.Loving both Thistle and Daisy.
Nicola -x-

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