Friday, 12 June 2009


Watch out! There's a Fairy teen about the place!! I wonder if they are quite as stroppy as the un-winged kind!? Meet Rosebud Fairy. This little lady has dyed her delicate pink rose petals black, much to her parents disdain.

Rosebud is part of our new Pocket Faires collections, soon to be released:

My daughter didn't care much for the sentiment I chose, it didn't make sense to her (well she's only 12 and the hormones have only just started kicking in), so this morningI had to quickly make something else.

I apologise for the occasional glimpse of a foam pad, it looked alright in real life LOL

There will be more previews coming soon so watch out for those.

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Nicola said...

Ooh Rose is utterly gorgeous, this set defo has the WOW factor.
Nicola -x-

Craftyanny said...

Your such a tease Karen, when are we getting to spend our pennies???
I'm drooling here lol
Another fabby card, love the tree
Anne x

POPPET said...

These are just gorgeous, i love all of them hugs pops x

Tara said...

It's fantastic Karen - so cool and lots of fairy attitude!! xx

Louly said...

Oh how beautiful! That tree looks ace, both sentiments are great and Rosebud looks just perfect. I looked and I can't see a single foam pad!

Wilma said...

i do wish you would stop teasing us - lol - they're all gorgeous and that card is beautifully done! x

Karen said...

Perhaps we SHOULD stop teasing and leave the rest to the launch ;-) It will be at least another week so patience please my lovelies.

Sarah C said...

What an absolutely stunning card and the sentiment is so true. Looking forward to the launch of them xx

Tracey said...

oh i cant wait to get my hands on these new stamps of yours they are just fantastic xxxx

Gez said...

Wow the fairies look stunning! Superb card. Love the tree. Great senitment too!

Sammi said...

OOOh.... can we have these fairies now??? please!!! I love them! Go Lou and Karen!!! you girls are wonderfully talented :)

Elyse said...

What a beautiful blog and these cards are stunning.

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